SnapPlus Help Version 20

What's new in version 20

What's new in version 20

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What's new in version 20

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What’s New in SnapPlus 20 / Release Notes


Much of our effort,for Version 20 was spent making SnapPlus run faster than 19.3.  You should notice the difference right away when you open your farms and again as you go from screen to screen.  In addition, users reported several issues to our support email and where we could reproduce these problems, they were fixed.

New features since the 20.0 release:

For CAFO planners on the SnapMaps website: Information for all headland stacks on a farm can now be easily collected in CSV format (details here).

Issues corrected in 20.4, released June 4:

The pre-tillage code could cause very high soil loss and P Index values for some crop and tillage combinations in version 19, and 20.0-20.3 (details).

Applications in years prior to 2018 could use incorrect acres

Data dump report: Fall fertilizer applications incorrectly displayed as Winter

Cropping grid and single-field cropping screen could show incorrect crop names

Changes to rotation year settings were not saved if you navigated to another field via the Nutrient Application Planner rather than directly on the Cropping screen

After adding a new year in the Cropping Screen, cropping drop-down boxes could be disabled (greyed out)

Rotation wizard could add unwanted years to all fields

Future years were sometimes not editable (e.g., could not change crops)

Issues corrected in 20.3, April 13 release:

CM4 report incorrectly substituted field acres for spreadable acres when the latter is zero

Issues corrected in 20.3, February 18 release:

Crop data for some crops was inadvertently left out of the database in 20.2

In the Nutrient Application Planner, applications would not delete correctly.

Sometimes edits to rates in the Nutrient Application Planner would fail, reverting to their previous values.

Occasionally the “Verified” flag in the Spreadable Acres table could not be turned off.

Updated Cropping acres or Manure Spreadable acres imported from SnapMaps or entered in by hand in the Field Spreadable Acres table would revert to their original values if the new values were bigger than the Field acres.

Winter spreading on fields with conduits to groundwater is no longer listed as a winter compliance problem because the program assumes the manure is spread on the fields’ winter-spreadable acres.

Crops, tillages, and soils

Version 20 does not include any new crop and tillage combinations or soil map updates.

The first time you open a farm in 20 you should:

Upload your fields to SnapMaps and Download to get the latest map data. (If you didn't download the last time you worked in SnapMaps, you should do that first.)

From the Tools menu, choose Update All Fields.

Likewise, you should upload, download, and update all fields if you change a farm to a WPDES permitted one, or vice versa, since this affects spreadable acres.

For permitted farms, if you change your SWQMA Manure Applications Strategies, you should run Update All Fields from the Tools menu to update all the relevant data.

If you need to run both this and an earlier version on the same machine, see How to Run Two Versions of SnapPlus on One Computer.

To get help right away with using SnapPlus, see 12 Steps to Developing a Plan Using SnapPlus.

How-to videos are at; for support, see Contact Information.

This Help information was up to date when SnapPlus 20 was released in October 2020; however, the latest revision of Help is always online at


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