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Spreadable Acres

Spreadable Acres

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Spreadable Acres

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The Spreadable Acres options will only appear if the farm is a CAFO.

Spreadable Acres Calculation

These layers acres removed plus buffered by 25ft or 100ft

Water layer such as lakes and ponds.

Perennial and intermittent streams.

Concentrated flows that are conduits to navigable waters.

Exclusions that are water.

Tile inlet.

Direct conduits to groundwater with 100ft buffer (unless municipal well)

Exclusions that are sinkholes or non-metallic mines.

Sinkholes from the counties.

All user points except tile inlets (inlets are taken out above) and tile outlets.

Municipal well 1000ft buffers.

Other areas taken out of spreadable acres

Exclusion areas taken out with no buffers if not mentioned above.

Concentrated flows that are not conduits to navigable waters.

User drawn manure prohibition areas.

Update Spreadable Acres

To update the spreadable acres layers (no manure spreading, injection only), go to Information Tools | Spreadable Acres | Update Spreadable Acres. This may take several minutes based on how many fields that you may have in your farm. Once its completed the layers for spreadable acres will update.



Change Spreading Strategy

To change the spreading strategy (25ft or 100ft), go to Information Tools | Spreadable Acres | Change Spreading Strategy. Select the spreading strategy in the drop down box you want to show. Then click Done. The spreading layers will update.

Please refer to the video tutorial on Creating a Spreadable Acres Map in SnapMaps for more information.