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Nutrient System Editor

Nutrient System Editor

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Nutrient System Editor

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The Nutrient System Editor allows users to create a system or combination of nutrient sources that are used on a yearly basis for a crop. Once you create a system, you can add it to any cropping year and field throughout the database.You can also export the system so the applications can be imported into another farm database. The Nutrient System Editor also allows you to report split applications.


The controls

NS_clip0013 :  This drop down will allow you to select any system you have in the database. Switching this will change the display of applications to what was chosen for that system.

NS_clip0012 Selecting the notebook allows the user to change the name of the system that is currently selected in the drop down.

NS_clip0011  The Plus will add a new system to the editor. The minus will let you delete the system that is currently selected. Clicking Copy will copy the selected system and create a new system with the same applications. This will ask you to rename the duplicate so there is no confusion.

NS_clip0018 The share system tool allows users to Save the nutrient system so that they can import the system into other farm databases.

NS_clip0014  The addition and minus under Manage System Applications is for adding or deleting applications within the system.

NS_clip0015 When the source was not previously entered on the nutrients screen, click on add new sources to add a source that is new to that farm database. This will let you add any source you are not able to find in the source name drop down.

NS_clip0016  Selecting Grazing will let you add any grazing herds to the system. Note that you will need to add a grazing herd in the Grazing herd setup (Nutrients tab) before they can be added to a system.

hmtoggle_plus1 Opening the Nutrient System Editor

hmtoggle_plus1Using the Nutrient System Editor


hmtoggle_plus1Adding Systems to Crop Rotations