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The Subfarms and Groups Tabs

The Subfarms and Groups Tabs

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The Subfarms and Groups Tabs

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By default, the Fields screen opens on the Field tab. There are two other tabs: Subfarms and Groups. Subfarms are manually-created collections of fields, organized however you wish. Groups are usually created using criteria you specify, and the program then selects matching fields. A field can be in more than one group, but can be in only one subfarm. See Using the Subfarms Tab and Using the Groups Tab for more details.

You can toggle between Subfarms and Groups by clicking on either of the boxes.  An asterisk will appear to the right of the box that you are currently working in. Use the drop-down menu to select either the Group or Subfarms you wish to work in.  The fields will be then displayed in the Fields grid.  

KV The Subfarm and Groups Tab

You will have the option to use Subfarms or Groups on a number of SnapPlus pages. Using either will allow you to work with more manageable groups of fields rather than the all of them at once.

Some of the pages where selecting Subfarms or Groups is available are listed below:


Soil Tests


Daily Log


Rotation Wizard

Note: After selecting a subfarm or group, the green header panel above will turn blue. Blue indicates that you are working with the fields in a sub-farm or group while green indicates that you are working with all of your fields.