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How to Use the Daily Log/Records Screen

How to Use the Daily Log/Records Screen

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How to Use the Daily Log/Records Screen

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If your farm is a WPDES permitted farm the tab for this section will be labeled Daily Log, if this is a 590 farm this tab will be called Records.

Tutorial videos for the Daily Log/Records screen are available on the SnapPlus Youtube channel under The Daily Log Screen.

Crop Year: This control will filter the daily log/records and show only the daily log/records entries made for that crop year. If you import a daily log/records file and the log has entries for more than one crop year, each application will be displayed under the current year. After leaving the page and returning or sending the applications to the Nutrient Application Planner the applications will be under the appropriate crop year.


The Daily Log/Records grid will show only the field that is selected in the green navigation bar, unless the Show All Fields box is checked at the bottom of the screen. To adjust the grid column widths, hover over the column boundary until a double-arrow appears. You can then pull the column boundary to the desired width.  


Note: Changing the application date will automatically set the Crop Year and Season defaults for the date entered. You should then change the Crop Year or Season to match your crop year if needed. For example, setting the Application Date to 2013-08-29 will set Crop Year to 2013 and Season to Summer. However, if you have already harvested your last crop of the year on that field, the Crop Year should be set to 2014 and the Season set to Fall.

click to expand Daily Log/Records Tabs

hmtoggle_plus1  Daily Log/Records Screen Buttons:

hmtoggle_plus1 The Daily Log/Records Table Grid

For more information on this topic please refer to the How to Use the Daily Log tutorial.