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This Year's Manure

This Year's Manure

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This Year's Manure

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Click on any of the cells in This Year's Manure or This Year's Fertilizer row and the SnapPlus Nutrient Application Planner dialog box will appear. Note: When you enter data in this screen, you are applying fertilizer and manure for the current field and current crop year only. For more information on selecting seasons for application, see Selecting the Season and Crop Year for Manure and Fertilizer Applications. For information on red or orange warnings, see Restriction Flagging. For information on the compass button and Guidance Messages, see Guidance Messages.

CS NAP 2018

The farm nutrient source availability table displays the manures applied on the farm, how much has already been planned for application in a given year, and how much is left to apply.

To add nutrient applications from this screen, the user has two different options. One option is to add them each individually. Another option is to add a Nutrient System. For more information on the Nutrient System Editor please refer to the Nutrient System Editor section.

Nutrient applications can also be entered the Rotation Wizard and the Daily Log.


1.Adding applications individually

To add a manure entry individually, click NS_AddButton in the Manure/Biosolid Applications section.

1.Select a Source name from the dropdown list. If you select a Grazing Source and need to calculate a rate, use the Grazing Nutrient Rate Calculator by clicking on the Grazing Est button.

2.Select the Season from the dropdown list.

3.Select a Spread Method from the dropdown list. The spreading methods available will depend on the nutrient source type selected. (Be sure that the spread method and tillage are consistent. If manure is incorporated in the fall, one of the fall tillage options should be chosen. Because the fall chisel plow and moldboard plow options assume secondary tillage in the spring, these tillages are consistent with spring incorporated manure). The methods are defined as:

Unincorporated manure is surface applied or incorporated more than 72 hours after application.

Incorporated manure is applied to the surface and mixed with the surface within 1 to 72 hours after application using tillage or infiltration methods.

Injected means all the manure is injected below the soil surface or is incorporated by tillage within 1 hour after application.

4.Select area the of the field, from the dropdown list, for this application. You may also click on the Area in the column header to take you to the spreadable acres help.

5.Enter the Rate (in tons/acre or gal/acre for manure and lb/acre or gal/acre for fertilizer — the appropriate units will appear automatically for the selected source). You can add as many separate applications as you like. For solid biosolid applications using units ‘Dry Tons’ or ‘Cu Yd’, clicking on the rate cell will bring up the Biosolid Tons Calculator, which will show the application rate in wet tons per acre. Note: When you enter data in this screen, you are applying manure for the current field only and current crop year, it will not be automatically duplicated to other fields.

6.Click Apply to see the credits received for the new manure or fertilizer application, which is displayed in the blue stripe located at the top right corner of the nutrient application planner dialog box. Click the Close button to return to the cropping screen. It is not necessary to use the Apply button for saving data changes; you can just Close the window, and it will save the applications to this field for this year. On the Cropping screen, the manure and fertilizer N, P2O5, and K2O lbs/acre rates will be displayed in the This year's manure and This year's fertilizer rows

2. Adding applications through the Nutrient Systems Editor

You can also add applications by applying a Nutrient System. To do this, click on Apply Nutrient System.


A Select a System to Apply box will appear. Choose the system you would like to add using the dropdown. If you need to create a Nutrient application System, click on Open Nutrient Systems Editor to create a nutrient system.

KV Select a System to Apply --

Click OK. All the nutrients that are a part of the system selected will be added to Nutrient Applications of the Nutrient Application Planner. For more information on how the Nutrient System Editor works please refer to the section Nutrient System Editor in the Nutrients Tab section.