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The Rotation Wizard

The Rotation Wizard

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The Rotation Wizard

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You can view how-to videos for the Rotation Wizard at

The Rotation Wizard is a tool that greatly reduces the time and effort required for data entry and information maintenance in SnapPlus. It works by allowing you to add cropping/application information, or change existing cropping/application information for multiple fields and years in one operation. The wizard will lead you through the steps needed to accomplish the changes you'd like to make. You can leave the wizard at any time without making changes by clicking the Cancel button at the bottom of the wizard screen. You can go back and change settings using the Back button.

Launching the Rotation Wizard: You can open the Rotation Wizard from the Tools menu on the main navigation bar or click CS1_RotationWizardButton in the upper left part of the Cropping screen.  


The wizard helps you do several different types of data management tasks:

Add crop and application data to fields to add (or overwrite) rotations to multiple fields and years

Change existing crop data or applications for fields to change specific crop or management information such as tillage for multiple fields or years

Copy crop and application data to crop years will copy selected crop years in a rotation forward to a specific year.

Delete crop and application data from fields to delete crop years from multiple fields

Edit rotational settings for fields to change the rotation setup on multiple fields

Edit MRTN data for fields to change the MRTN settings for multiple fields and years

Note: The many of the tables in the Rotation Wizard have the multi-cell edit feature. For more information on multi-cell editing of tables, see SnapPlus User Interface.

Overwrite existing season crop data for selected fields?

In some instances you may want to add information without changing data which has already been entered, and this control tells the wizard what to do about that. The control will be disabled when it is not appropriate. Note: when adding data to a newly created farm or field(s), set the control to overwrite in order to replace the default data SnapPlus has created as part of the new field creation process.