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Getting Started

Getting Started

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Getting Started

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The least time-consuming way to start entering multiple years of information for many fields is to use the Rotation Wizard. However, before using the Rotation Wizard, you should try entering crop data for a few years by hand to familiarize yourself with the process.

The following areas (highlighted in light yellow on the screen) must be filled in for SnapPlus to run. Make sure you are in the correct field by using the Field Name dropdown.

1.Crop: Begin by selecting a Crop from the dropdown list. The dropdown list appears when you click on the right-hand part of the cell (ex. Corn grain). Only crops which you have selected on the farm screen will be displayed in the dropdown list. Note: There are a few crops for which RUSLE2 won't compute soil erosion (Brassica forage, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery, Hop, and Lettuce). If you select any of these crops, the Tillage value will display as Any.

2.Yield Goal: If you have picked a single or inter-seeded crop, then you will just select the appropriate yield goal from the dropdown list. For double crop systems, a dialog will pop up which allows you to select the yield goal for each of the two crops.

3.Tillage: Pick the tillage that is closest to that used by the operation. The tillages available in the dropdown list will vary by crop. See Tillage Explanations for more information.

4.Soil Test Date: Using the dropdown menu, select the soil test date. This list will show dates for any soil tests which have been entered for the current field. The Lime Recommendation will automatically fill-in based on the soil test information. To enter data on Lime Applications, click on the Lime Rec cell of the year you wish to enter data for. See Lime Recommendation for instructions.

5.Once you have entered the above information, the Recommendations section will automatically fill-in. See Recommendations for more information.

The following areas are not required for SnapPlus to run, but should be filled in for best results:

Irrigation: Use the checkbox to indicate whether irrigation was used in that crop year.

MRTN info: See MRTN Information for further instruction.

Season notes: To record specific field information for a crop year, type in notes in the box. Although this is an optional box, it is very useful for recording information that is not used in SnapPlus (e.g. pesticide application amounts and timing). These notes will print out on nutrient management plan reports that are specific to the year.

Guidance Messages can also be seen from the Cropping Screen. For more information, see Guidance Messages.