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Using the Farm Screen

Using the Farm Screen

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Using the Farm Screen

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

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1.At the very top left hand corner of screen, left-click on File and select New SnapPlus farm. A dialog box will open allowing you to name the file and save it (the default location for most users is C:\SnapPlus2\MySnapPlusData\).  The new farm will open and is ready to work on. The green stripe at the top of screen displays the Farm name and the location of the farm file.

2.Enter the information on the left side of the screen as completely as possible.  The FSA code is optional.  

3.If you are not a WPDES Permitted farm, select the manure/nutrient credit check box that applies to the farm.  To learn more about nutrient credits, see chapter 9 of UWEX A2809 Nutrient application guidelines for fruit, vegetable, and fruit crops in Wisconsin (see  If you are a WPDES Permitted Farm (CAFO), then check the WPDES checkbox.  The CAFO SWQMA dialog box will open the default spreading strategies selected. Select the appropriate strategies for the farm. Once your selection is complete, click on Accept. The software will not allow CAFO planners to proceed to other screens without selecting SWQMA manure spreading strategies. Also, by checking the WPDES checkbox, your manure credits will be set to Use 2nd year credits.


4.In the Farm Narrative box explain the operations and practices on the farm, any unique circumstances or components of the plan. You can come back and add to or change whatever is typed in this box at any time. The Farm Narrative box is not tied to any specific year.

5.In the Concentrated Water Flow Channel Protection verify that if you have concentrated flow channels that they are currently protected from any erosion.  If they are not currently protected, note future plans for concentrated flow channel protection.

6.Select crops planted on this farm. This is required for SnapPlus to run. Click to highlight a crop in the Unselected box and then click on the single arrow pointing to the right to move the highlighted crop to the Selected box. The double arrows move all crops to the Selected box. To remove a crop from the Selected box, click on it to highlight and then click the single arrow pointing left.  The double arrows pointing left move all crops in the Selected box to the Unselected box. Using the same highlighting technique as for the crops, add any crops that might be grown on the farm. Click on Add Default Crops button to add the common crops of alfalfa, corn and soybean to the selected list.

7.Select county(s) where the fields are located, using the same techniques as for crops above. This is required for SnapPlus to run.

8.Select the Plan Completion/Update date. Click on the today button (FS_Today) if you are just getting started.  When are you are finished with the plan, you can go back and set the date for when you submit the plan for review.